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So you finally decided to get that cute puppy home. For the very first time, you have decided to get your dog home. Well, this could turn out to be an experience of your lifetimes. So just to make sure you have the most pleasant ones, here’s a list of the top 17 mistakes you must avoid.

17. Letting your dog be on his own

Many times when you are going out for a few hours, you might feel it is okay to leave your dog alone. Well, that can turn out to be really destructive.
If you have to, in any case, try getting someone to watch over your dog or drop them to a dog center until you are away. If your dog has never been alone you will have to teach him to be alone through exercises.

16. Being too harsh to your dog

Your dog is a new member who might take time to adapt and might misbehave. Screaming at your new pet will only make it more furious and nervous.
In such cases, instead of being impulsive and making it worse, try using “sit”, “Calm Down” or “No” command to pacify your dog.

15. Little or no research beforehand about the breed

Many first-time dog enthusiasts are thrilled about the idea of owning a dog but no nothing about it. Knowing things like a dog’s exercise requirements, behavior with kids, allergies, etc are important failing which there may be many issues later on.
Please do thorough and proper research beforehand. But just make sure you do not regret later on.