The Orebro University in Sweden conducted a study to know if the eye color has anything to do with our personalities and they came up with the conclusion that it actually does affect it.
Here’s what they came up with :

Hazel Eyes

They tend to change eye color between the brown and green, you can never know which colors come up on top of the other, but the only thing that’s sure is that they are so spontaneous, confident and independent, although the quantity of melanin isn’t the same for everyone that has hazel eyes, that’s why you can’t quite pin them to a certain personality or character that is precise.

 Brown Eyes

Well you don’t have as much melanin as the darker colors but you’re still pretty smart and have the personality of a leader, you also are able to sleep 2 hours less than any other clearer color and get the same rest.


Blue Eyes

A study conducted by the University of Pittsburgh proved that women with clear eye colors can handle childbirth stress and pain better than other colors, which explains the fact that these people as perceived as strong people that can handle stress better, the only problem is that they are found to be egotistical and competitive.

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 Dark brown/Black Eyes

This particular color is surprisingly rare, and the first trait of personality behind it is leadership being more agreeable also the more melanin your brain has the more it works faster, so you can process things more clearly.

 Gray Eyes

They are mostly well-balanced people that have a lot of similarities with other blue eyes people, but they probably have a hard time exerting themselves because they care deeply about their loved ones and would do anything to protect them.

 Green Eyes

There are only 2% of people in the world who have green eyes, which make them very unique and sexy, that’s why people with green eyes are mostly strong and cautious but also agreeable and dominant because they have this mysterious aura around them and they are mostly quietly sufficient, creative and work great under pressure.

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