He stroked his brother's body desperately with his little nose until the man stopped and rushed towards them. A rescue team received several calls from the poor Canis Minor's rescue team. He was knocked down by a car and fell to the bottom with his brother.

Infinite Animal Aid arrived at the scene, looking for the poor puppy, but he and his brother next to him posed for help. Therefore, since there is no time to waste, they directly treat the puppies.

Then, they took the two dogs to their medical clinic to provide them with vaccines and food, hoping to be fined soon. The puppy that was run over was very weak, so he was treated with brain injuries, fluids, antibiotics, and intravenous painkillers

This poor puppy needs 2 days to prepare to raise his head, but unfortunately, he is not yet ready to eat by himself. Fortunately, on another day, he was going to eat alone, even standing.

Happily, he was recuperating all day long, even preparing to stand, walk and travel alone. He even wagged his tail to greet the rescuers. The simplest thing is that the dog named Dil fully recovered, and he and his brother went back to take measurements.

Check it out for yourself in the video below!


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